Out now: Imber Luminis – “Nausea” DigiPak | Shirt | Bundle | Digital

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“Nausea” is a conceptual album about existentialism, and of course about one of its father’s fantastic philosophical book “Jean-Paul Sartre – La Nausée”. Forget the pure “DSBM” mood from “Life as Burden”. Forget the post black metal from “Imber Aeternus”. Here, you have the best mixture of melodic black metal, with atmospheric doom overtones, and the very strong, emotional voice of Déhà, might that be his screams or his cleans, or even his choirs. Fast paced or slowed down, “Nausea” takes you down a bad trip, as a first lecture of the above-mentioned book. Ten songs for 50 minutes of music, varied and touching, bringing you from migraines to pure hatred, from melancholic and sadness to harsh self confidence, destroying everything, creating everything.

Format: 4-Panel DigiPak incl. 12 pages of Booklet

Limitation: 300

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