Celesterre – “The Wild” tracklist and cover

It is with pleasure to announce the next Rain Without End release for this year: The debut album of dutch Celesterre called “The Wild”.
Celesterre is unique in many ways. They play a epic heavy prog doom metal combined with deeply rooted lyrics about Mother Nature and thats what the debut album is all about. Furthermore you can hear a glimpse of black metal here and there, which is the final ingredience for their special creation.
Check out their bandcamp page down below to get an idea what to expect.
Release Date: 23.07.2017
Preorder: 18.06.2017
Format: 4-Panel DigiPak w. booklet (8 pages)
1. Burst Into Life
2. Instinct
3. Ramfight At Sundown
4. Endure The Cold
5. The Wild
6. Hunger
7. The Pecking Order
8. A Celebration Of Decay

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