Out now: Rimruna – “Der Hatz entronnen”

Format: 4-Panel DigiPak | A5 DigiPak lim. to 50 | Vinyl
Get your copy here: http://bit.ly/2rzv9fS
For Vinyl and digital go here: https://rimruna.bandcamp.com
Cold, grim and atmospheric. Like their succesful debut, the second album of Rimruna “Der Hatz entronnen” delivers finest German black metal in its purest form.
The album will come out on CD as cooperation between the band and NP. A vinyl is released by the band itself.
1. Unrast
2. Tor der Zeit
3. Wirren
4. Der Hatz entronnen
5. In Ewigkeit versunken
6. Erwacht aus leerem Schlummer

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