OUT NOW: Celesterre – “The Wild” DigiPak CD & Digital

CD | Stream: https://shop.naturmacht.com/celesterre-the-wild-digipak-cd

Celesterre is unique in many ways. They play a epic heavy prog doom metal combined with deeply rooted lyrics about Mother Nature and thats what the debut album is all about. Furthermore you can hear a glimpse of black metal here and there, which is the final ingredience for their special creation.

“The Wild”, the first full-length album after a demo and an EP, is about the different phases and trials that every organism goes through in life.

Format: 4-Panel DigiPak w. 8 p. Booklet

Limitation: 300

1. Burst Into Life
2. Instinct
3. Ramfight At Sundown
4. Endure The Cold
5. The Wild
6. Hunger
7. The Pecking Order
8. A Celebration Of Decay

Celesterre Bandcamp: https://celesterre.bandcamp.com
Celesterre Facebook: www.facebook.com/celesterre

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