NP096 | Dauþuz – “Des Zwerges Fluch”


Date: 25.08.2018 | Preorder: 11.07.18

Format: 6-Panel DigiPak | Black Vinyl LP | lim. Longsleeve | Digital

1. Steinhammer
2. Berggeschrey
3. Unwerk – Des Zwerges Fluch I
4. Buße – Des Zwerges Fluch II
5. Mors Voluntaria – Des Zwerges Fluch III
6. Als mein Geleucht für immer erlosch

After a successful second album, the German miners from Dauþuz return with an MCD  called “Des Zwerges Fluch” in album length about tales of dwarves and their evil magic against human intruders, who steal their treasures from the mountain’s depths.

Once again the duo shines with excellently arranged black metal, a great concept and a perfectly fitting artwork.

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