Many thanks for a great 2018!


It was a damn busy year with many releases and changes, for the label and myself.
The biggest change was my decision, to make this label a fulltime job in February after I had finished my apprenticeship. It was a bold step, but it paid off so far and its just because of all the supportes around the globe, buying the merch of my bands.

I am really thankful for that indeed Lads and Ladies! It is truly appreciated and I never take it for granted! Be sure that I give all I got, to continue the whole thing in the best way possible.

But as you might have noticed: 2019 is not going to be different!
Two release are on the way, and MANY more to come.

You can expect new stuff for example from Beorn’s Hall, Havukruunu, Dauþuz, Lysithea, Grima, Keys of Orthanc, Déhà, Old Night, Isgalder & Aara.

Also certain requested repressings will happen, promised!
More infos coming in due time.

I also want to thank all my bands and other supporters behind the scenes, it is an honor indeed!

I wish all of you a conscious and fulfilling 2019!

Cheers, Rob.

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