NP103 | Isgalder – “The red Wanderer”


Out of the Thuringian woods, where the foxes bark. Isgalder takes you to a journey into
ancient and dark realms of earth and iron, death and ice.

After a successful EP, Isgalder continues its epic pagan metal journey with their debut album “The red Wanderer”.

Date: 27.04.19 | Preorder: 06.04.19

Format: CD in Classic Jewelcase w. 12 p. booklet | CD in A5-DigiPak lim. too 100 copies w. 12 p. booklet | Shirt

1. Isthro
2. Funeral Fire
3. Soaring Mountains
4. The red Wanderer
5. Sirius Ablaze
6. Ulterior Worlds
7. Empire of Ice
8. Der rote Wanderer
9. Galthro


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