Infos & Thank you!

First I want to thank everyone of you guys, who still continues to support this label with their hard earned money facing this big crisis. I can not express how much it means to me and my life (doing this as my full time job). So thank you very much!

I also want to give an overview about releases, delays etc:

1. Soliloquium & Dawn of Ouroboros CDs were supposed to be delivered long ago on 16.3.. And they were in Spain, but UPS fucked up and returned it with no reason. They are back at the plant and will be sent again this week. So hopefully next week they will arrive at the latest.The DoO Vinyl are set for 31.3. to be dispatched from the plant, so we have slight delay there.

2. Grima Patches: Delayed already because of the virus and restrictions, they were now finally sent, but to the wrong address, so to me here in Finland. That means I have to send them to Spain yet. So we will have another delay of at least one week. But I really hope that in 14 days we can also ship these out. If the posts still work (Vinyl and CD only orders are shipped).

3. Upcoming releases: Nemus and Nero will be release digitally as sheduled. Regarding the merch I will update the dates if neccesary and if delays happen. Right now the plants, I work with, still produce on a quite regular speed. So hopefully if delays happen, they wont be big.
In case things get worse, I might reshedule Exgenesis and all releases coming after that to wait until things have normalized.

Again many thanks for your patience and trust. I will try to share as much infos and updates as possible. David and me also try to ship everything out as fast possible.

Stay healthy Lads and Ladies and let us hope, this is soon over!

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