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Häive - II Raina: Virvatuli (Metsänpeittoon)

Welcome to Ida's photography portfolio website.
Art photography of nature, people, bands, events and why not also of everything in between.

Please watch but do not touch - please contact me if you'd like to use my photos for your own purposes.

Is your event lacking a documentary photographer? You'd like to have a little bit more special portraits of yourself? Send an email to ida [at] naturmacht.com and let's plan!


Art is no fun! Art is agony!
- Mrs. Fillyjonk, Moomin

The English version corrected by Katie / puddingofdarkness, thanks!



More live pictures following! Helrunar and The Vision Bleak, you're welcome.


It's been a while but today I finally added the live pictures from March of Apathie, Waldgeflüster and Krater. As you can see, the galleries of these pictures are a little different, feel free to write a comment, which one of the galleries pleases you better! Also the homepage will experience soon a bigger update, so stay tuned!


The photos from Fimbul Festival have finally been added, so the photos of Kromlek, SuidAkrA and Månegarm!


So, last Saturday I visited a gig. And I took photos. Here they are, the pictures of Nocturnal Witch and Tattered Soul in The Ace, Berlin.


Football isn't listed as my favourite sports but I played a sport photographer during one match couple of days ago, capturing these moments.