What is new at NP / RWE?


NP107 | Nordkväde – “Visdom & Makt”

Nordkväde was formed in late 2017 by Marcus (strings) and Olle (vocals) with an intention to create black metal with an old-school, Nordic and rock n roll touch. Two...


NP105 | Grima – “Will of the Primordial”

Date: 03.08.19 | Preorder: 06.07.19 Format: CD in 4-Panel DigiPak w. booklet (lim. to 300) | Vinyl LP black, 12″ in sleeve, with booklet (21×21 cm), in anti-static/-scratch bag,...


Midnartiis release and happy Summer Solstice!

We want to celebrate this special day with a perfectly fitting new album of Midnartiis. Merch | Stream: “In Silent Grove to Dwell” is a collection of somber...


Svadilfare: “Fortapte Roetter” preorder and song premiere

Merch/Stream: Date: 13.07.19 Format: CD in 6-Panel DigiPak, glossy varnish | Vinyl LP, black, 12″ in anti-static/-scratch bag with insert in polybag lim. to 100 copies | Bundles...


Free Music: Naturmacht Compilation VIII

2017 was another great year for the label. Enjoy songs from each release of that year for free here: Naturmacht Compilation VIII by Naturmacht Productions