Onirism: Falling Moon!

After the space ambient black metal EP “SUN”, Onirism continues its journey through dreams and dimensions with the “opposite” of our star, the Moon! “Falling Moon” carries some ambience but...


Midnartiis: “With Reverence and Will…” preorder & full stream

NP-Store (best price): Bandcamp: The american one man project with W.R. former member of Krigsgrav as the sole musician plays a melodic nature inspired black metal. The second album...


Beorn’s Hall: The epic journey begins!

Preorder via: NP-Store (best price): Bandcamp: Date: 24.2.18 | Preorder: 21.1.18 Formats: 6-Panel DigiPak | Vinyl | Shirt | Bundle | Digital


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FB is over floating with “happy new year”-stuff. So I make it quick: 2017 was great. Thank you very much! Bands & customers you were awesome! 2018 will be...