The one man project Nemus returns with its new and most diverse, dark and powerful opus Stein - Mensch (Stone-Human), another part of the "elements and the human species" concept. The story is about a human, who once climbed up to a high mountain. Instead of reaching the top he walked into a cave and found the heart of the mountain. He was absorbed by the magical power and reborn to half-human half-stone being. He became part of the mountain itself. He claimed the top of the mountain and yarns in his loneliness. He is cursed and seeks for human souls and lures climbers up to him and kills them so he can nourish his desire for life. With "Stein-Mensch" Nemus has created its very own style of modern German black metal, combining strong, driving riffs with post rock melancholy and hellish screams combined with intense "Neue Deutsche Härte" like clean vocals, thus creating his very own style: Neue Deutsche Schwärze!